The DE:FORESTATION project participates in the SDG+ Lab Challenge

As part of an SGD+ Lab challenge, a working group led by Prof. Mi You and Yulia Gromova will investigate the exciting question of how deforestation in the Hesse region can be made more sustainable. The problem will be explored with the help of a specially developed game.

The SDG+ Lab and the Department of Arts and Economies invite teachers, students, civil society, companies and initiatives to join forces in a transdisciplinary project to work on the challenge in heterogeneous teams.

This challenge builds on the results of the Ecoquest: A Volumetric Storytelling Workshop that was organized by documenta Institut and the Natural History Museum of Kassel in September 2023. This 5-days intensive workshop in 3D scanning and game prototyping was focused on creating a VR-game experience. During the workshop we explored a range of technological tools, available for civic ecological monitoring and explored how these advanced tools help safeguard our fragile ecosystems.

In the challenge, we would like to develop the game further: The game could explore a range of issues like forest management, resource gathering, wildlife conservation and water resources, connect the economic choices of the players to consequences affecting the financial health of the virtual world and through these mechanisms, connect the game to real-world initiatives to combat deforestation:

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