Mi You: “In Kazakhstan, a Curator Can Play The Role of Social Mediator”

A talk with ​Dmitriy Mazorenko on Curating in Kasachstan

In the second half of June, 2024, the YEMAA Center for Contemporary Culture in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, held an online school for young curators Curator in the Face of Crisis. The school also included a series of lectures by Mi You, curator and professor of art and economics at the University of Kassel and at the documenta Institut, on ways to organize curatorial projects.

Vlast reached her to talk about changes in curation against the backdrop of geopolitical conflicts, how approaches to curation differ across the world, about the strategies that Kazakhstan-based curators can implement, and how the YEMAA project helps to learn this business in the absence of local educational programs and infrastructure.

Mi You is a researcher and curator based in Germany who studies the relationship between Europe and Asia in the art world. Her academic interests are in new and historical materialism, performance philosophy, as well as the history, political theory, and philosophy of Eurasia.

You can find the whole Interview in Vlast.