Medial Appearances of documenta Professors Mi You and Felix Vogel

On the fifth of august, Prof. Dr Felix Vogel recaped the past days of this year's documenta in conversation with Sebastian Mense. The recorded conversation deals with the question whether the exhibition concept can be considered successful, what discourses have emerged as a result of the exhibition and what will remain even after the end of the 15th world art exhibition.

You can listen to the audio at:


 On Welt.Kunst.Kassel. Gerrit Bräutigam and Sonja Rossetini conducted a conversation with Prof. Dr. Mi You. Linked to her field of expertise "Art and Economies", You talks about the potential of art to productively contribute to economic and political issues. Furthermore, the interview revolves around her professional career, current projects and her collaboration with students.

You can find the interview at: