Disciplined Vision

Review and critical examination of the exhibitions of the same name by artist Lada Nakonechna

With "Disciplined Vision", Lada Nakonechna, research associate at the documenta Institut, has published a volume that presents two of her exhibitions and contains texts by various authors that offer a critical analysis of the artist's exhibitions, her artistic methods and specific artworks from different periods.

The publication "Disciplined Vision" is based on two exhibitions by Lada Nakonechna: "Disciplined Vision" and "Disciplined Vision. School", both of which took place in 2021 at the National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev and the Artsvit Gallery in Dnipro. It consists of two sections: Block A and Block B

Contents: Block A is an Album comprising the texts, exhibition views, and images of individual artworks from the exhibitions Disciplined Vision and Disciplined Vision: School.

Obvious Connections, 2021.

Installation (drawings, artworks from the NAMU collection)
Merge Visible, 2015–2017.

Found footage, photographs with cut-out, graphite

Block B consists of texts written by various authors for the catalogue. Some focus on the issues addressed in the Disciplined Vision exhibitions, while others offer a critical examination of Lada Nakonechna’s works and artistic methods. The artist’s works from various years appear alongside the texts.


Kateryna Badianova: Working with (Your Own) Viewing Experience
Oksana Barshynova: Examining Fragments of the Past
Yevgenia Belorusets: Working with Photography
Pavel Khailo: The Politics of Phototaxis
Anna Łazar: Lada Nakonechna’s Art of Reflection

Further information can be found at: https://ladanakonechna.com/news/2024/01/25/online-presentation-publication.html
If you are interested, the book can be requested via nakonechna@documenta-institut.de.

Glory in Foreshortening, 2021.

Drawing on paper. Source images: 1. Mykola Rodzin. Construction Has Started, from the series Kakhovska HES [Hydroelectric power station] (1951-1957). Paper, color etching, aquatint. From the Artsvit Gallery collection; 2. Eternal Glory Memorial, Sumy, Ukrain
Following the Plan, 2018.

Installation of drawings (graphite on paper, aluminium, PVC, Blueback plot)
Flags, 2019.

Objects (display case, plaster cast, glass)