The Public Program of the "Histories of Resistance".

We are pleased to announce the Public Program of the "Histories of Resistance" Summer School in Bogotá.

This is an important German-Colombian cooperation between the Institute and prestigious institutions in Bogotá, which represents an innovative framework of conceptual development for the documenta Institute.

The talk series of the international summer school “Histories of Resistance” is an interdisciplinary space of debate on the remembrance and archives of political and environmental conflicts. It takes Colombia, a country of rich biodiversity and a long history of numerous violent conflicts that have affected both cities and rural regions, as a starting point to reflect upon conflicting memory cultures in the global present. The focus lies on exploring the potentials of remembrance and archives of conflicts in and through culture and art. Political and environmental conflicts are not only examined from a humanistic perspective, but also how they have culturally affected the environment. The series brings together perspectives from artistic research, anthropology, history, linguistic and cultural studies or memory studies. It follows the conviction that the complex and plural history of conflicts, such as the Colombian example, requires an interdisciplinary approach. The program embraces artistic approaches with the awareness that they can offer insights where political science and the humanities fail, namely, contested memories.

The Summer School and the series of talks were initiated by Institute Professor and Head of the Department of Art and Society Liliana Gómez and Scientific Fellow Mateo Chacón Pino with the help of other institutions and researchers. Also involved in the organization were Sebastián Vargas Álvarez, Angela Schrott, Sabrina Herrmann, Stefan Peters, Laura Florez.

The public program is organized by the documenta Institut, Universidad del Rosario, CELA – Centre for Latinamerican Studies at University of Kassel & CAPAZ – German-Colombian Peace Institute, and is supported by the DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service with funds from the Federal Foreign Office.


Peace & Conflict Culture Network
(Nela Milic & Liliana Gómez)

Public Talk
Monday, September 4th, 2023
5-7 PM

Location: Auditorium Teresa Cuervo de Borda,
Museo Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, COL

Fanzine Launch

Tuesday, September 5th, 2023
6-8 PM

Location: La casa de la paz, Cra. 13 # 36-37,
Bogotá, COL


"Even the Dead Will Not Be Safe":
Walter Benjamin on history and the memory as state of siege
(Michael Taussig)

Public Talk
Wednesday, September 6th, 2023
6-8 PM

Location: Auditorium Teresa Cuervo de Borda
Museo Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, COL


(Sofia Gonzalez, Juan Covelli & Mariacamila Vanegas)
Moderation by Sebastian Vargas Alvarez

Puclic Debate
Tuesday, September 12th, 2023
5-7 PM
Universitdad del Rosario, Sede Claustro/Aula Mutis,
Calle 12 C, # 6-25, Bogotá, COL


Lisa Blackmore & members of community groups active in care of the Bogotá river

Thursday, September 14th, 2023
6-7 PM

Universidad del Rosario, Sede Claustro/Salón 601, Torre 1, Calle 12C, # 6-25, Bogotá, COL