Global Modernities?

A public lecture series

Modernity is often described as a mainly Western phenomenon, a notion that is increasingly contested by academic debates. The lecture series Global Modernities? takes up these discussions and examines the historiography of art as part of global modernization processes.

The lectures take place on Mondays from 6-8pm at the Fridericianum.


22. April → Christian Kravagna (Wien): Die Kunst der Befreiung. Viktor Lowenfeld in der Schwarzen Moderne

6. Mai → Wendy Shaw (Berlin): Artchemy. Islam and the Transmogrification of Art from Faith

13. Mai → Katrin Nahidi (Graz): Andere Modernitäten. Postkoloniale Kunstgeschichtsschreibung der modernistischen Kunst im Iran

27. Mai → Elize Mazadiego (Bern): Global Synchronicities. Modernity and New Artistic Materialities in 1960s Argentina

3. Juni → Maristella Svampa (Buenos Aires): Eco territorial Feminisms and Relational Narratives in Latin America

17. Juni → Silvia Naef (Genf): Arabische Moderne. Was versteht man darunter?

24. Juni → George Arbid (Beirut): Other Arab Modernisms. Modern Architecture and its Archives

15. Juli → Magdalena Moskalewicz (Chicago): The Aesthetics of Communist Modernity. System versus Style

Concept and moderation: Liliana Gómez, Charlotte Bank, Lada Nakonechna
The talks will be held in German or English.
No registration required.