Saving the Enchanted Forest. A Volumetric Storytelling Workshop

Workshop from 09 to 15 September

Can gamification provide an insight into how to protect our forests? Join EcoQuest to creatively engage with the urgent and complex question of deforestation and to acquire new skills playfully! 

documenta Institut and the Natural History Museum of Kassel invite artists, researchers and everyone interested, to take part in a 5-days workshop. Together, we will craft a VR/game experience centered around the critical issue of deforestation. Through this immersive journey, you will learn how to weave captivating narratives using cutting-edge technologies like photogrammetry, remote sensing data, and 3D scanning.

Delve into the realm of ecological monitoring and explore how these advanced tools help safeguard our fragile ecosystems. With the guidance of director of Naturkundemuseum Kassel  Prof. Dr. Kai Füldner, the multimedia artist Artem Konevskih and Dr. des Tamara Bodden, participants will embark on a research trip to the local forest. During this excursion they  will learn how to collect the data for the production of a 3D model of a space. Eventually, they will create a scenario and a game prototype. The results of the workshop will be exhibited as part of the “Wälder” exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Kassel, which will be opened in November 2023.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity to contribute to the protection of our forests through the compelling world of gamification! Together, let's make a difference and inspire change.

Dates: 11-15 of September 

The workshop starts on the 11th of September at 10:00 am at the Natural History Museum of Kassel, Steinweg 2.

The lectures will take place in the ASL I building, 1st floor, Universitätsplatz 9, 34127 Kassel (Blob room).


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The workshop will be in English and German as indicated in the program (E/G).

Organised by documenta Institut and the Natural History Museum of Kassel